Artist Bio

Jierna Focht

Jierna L. Focht is a visual artist from Brandon, FL. Born in 1974 and lived in multiple states, eventually returning to her native home of Florida. Her most common medium is oil on canvas, specializing in various portraits, utilizing vibrant color to bring life to her work. Furthermore, she is a small business owner of “Designs by Jierna”, a Web and Graphic Design Company. With every expanding company, in 2015, “Designs by Jierna” created a new media outlet that includes oil on canvas pieces.

One of Jierna’s greatest pleasures is introducing others to the imaginative collage of color in the world through her work. Others may see different shades of the same hue, she expresses all pigments. She has received multiple awards, including All Media-Open Award from the Tampa Realistic Artists Faces and Figures Contest.